Active partner cooperation is a vital part of business.

A national earthmoving company, Eastern Finland

One of Finland’s biggest earthmoving companies acquires especially filters from Kentek. At earth construction sites it is important to keep the wheels in motion without unnecessary breaks. That is why Kentek’s representative meets the company foreman every two weeks and maps out everything that is needed. It is mutually rewarding to be successful at anticipating upcoming needs.

Every day at the shop is different and that’s one reason why our customer says he likes his job. When the machinery is used in demanding environments, the need for maintenance can come out of nowhere and in surprising ways and places. With a fast reacting partner it is smooth to handle these special circumstances.

“Kentek’s product range is very comprehensive. Sometimes a certain filter isn’t available immediately. In these cases the situation has been sorted out fast and sometimes the filter has been added to the product range just for our use. You can’t really ask more than that”, says the customer’s foreman.