We need information right away and the products as soon as possible. With Kentek this becomes a reality.

Retailer, Western Finland

A customers says that Kentek sales representative is one of those sales people you want to visit you. We have been in cooperation with our customers and Kentek for more than seven years. The customer praises Kentek’s quick and professional work attitude: all the matters with the representative are handled immediately and with care. Speed is of essence because filters are needed here and now, when the “game is on”. Usually when a retail customer calls Kentek, there is another customer waiting at the retailer’s office needing information or a certain product right away.

According to the customer Kentek is genuinely interested in the retail customer’s company and in its success. Kentek representative feels that understanding the retail customer is vital to keeping up profitable business. “It is vital to have industry and product know-how. To be able to offer the customer the best products and solutions, it is important to understand the customer and his business.”